Scripted Installation of SharePoint 2010

Sometime we feel the need to just automate the process.

There is a process which learned and found interesting . so thought to share:

Base idea which work here is to prepare a nice script and work instead of next-next in GUI. The starting step toward is to modify the config.xml file with all required settings. SharePoint has files with some default settings which can be used for scripted install but before starting with that you have to Extract downloaded EXE file, then you can work on the same

To extract the files from the EXE by running the following command:

Sharepointserver.exe /extract:E:Sharepoint_software_extfiles

You can also refer my blog: How to extract aplication or exe file

The content which come up of this exe file. Go To:



<Package Id=”sts”>

<Setting Id=”LAUNCHEDFROMSETUPSTS” Value=”Yes”/>


<Package Id=”spswfe”>

<Setting Id=”SETUPCALLED” Value=”1″/>


<Logging Type=”verbose” Path=”%temp%” Template=”SharePoint Server Setup(*).log”/>

<!–<PIDKEY Value=”Enter Product Key Here” />–>


<Setting Id=”USINGUIINSTALLMODE” Value=”1″/>


<Setting Id=”SETUP_REBOOT” Value=”Never”/>


Lets focus on the thing you need to change in the script:

Uncomment the line : <!–<PIDKEY Value=”Enter Product Key Here” />–>

And add your product key to the same as for example:

<PIDKEY Value=”xxxxx-yyyyy-aaaaa-zzzzz-bbbbb” />

Define the server role to APPLICATION in next tag and it will no longer Stand-Alone:


Modify this file with your desired SEVERROLE and PIDKEY and pass the reference in command prompt . Now you can install SharePoint at the command prompt by:

E:Sharepoint_software_extfilessetup.exe /config c:installfilessetupsilentconfig.xml

If all settings are good, the install will start.

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Hope this help


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2 Responses to Scripted Installation of SharePoint 2010

  1. Mildred Harmann says:

    Bonjour from across the sea! This is just what I was expecting, and you nailed it. Thank you

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