Permission in SharePoint 2010 Farm account

While establishing the farm account . It is very important to assign the correct settings for the server farm account.

The account needs to be part of the domain, but it only needs to be a regular user and not a domain admin. As a result of the SharePoint configuration wizard, SharePoint will increase the level of account’s access as necessary. It will be given the SQL Roles of dbcreator and securityadmin. The account will also be added to the following local security groups::

Screenshot are also provided to create correct reference. I have used an administrator account but not a domain admin.


· Performance Log Users

· Performance Monitor Users




Performance Monitor Users

The account is also given the following Local Security Policy – User Rights Assignments:

· Adjust memory quotas for a process

· Logon as a service

· Replace a process level token

The account will be used for the following Windows Services:

· Windows SharePoint Services Timer V4

· Windows SharePoint Services User Code Host V4

Not the least, application pool of SharePoint Central Administration will also use this account

So, Consideration of account while creating a SharePoint Environment should be given utmost importance.

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