Install Activity Directory on Window Server

Ilustration of installation of AD in just simple 16 steps:

1)  Goto Run Prompt and type “dcpromo”

2) you can use the advanced mode installation steps by checking the box.       I prefer to use simple mode and add all entries manually.

3) It will check system Compatibity.

4) Choose Existing forest option if you are:

a) adding a domain controller.
b) If u create a new domain in existing forest. Else choose the other option.

5)  Type the FQDN of the domain u want. I am using test for this blog.

6) It will check the forest  name in use or not

7) Check the functional level of the AD:

Main Thing to remember: If you have server of Mixed configuration    ex: 2000/2003/2008 and if you choose functional level 2008. All the server other than 2008 will not able to connect themselves to AD and you will have to upgrade the remaing server to 2008.

Secondly : if you select functional level 2000 , then inspite of having server 2008 and installing AD on it you cannot use full features and functionality.

So choose the most appropiate.

8.  you can directly install DNS from this option.

9) IF you are using installing DNS and using dynamic IP configuration , then change the ip setting and give static ip using :

ncpa.cpl  –> Lan setting–> Ipv4 configuration

Set the static ip and continue


11)  Give a password which is need for a future use , when you have start this domain in directory service restore mode.   

But remember the password

12)  You can also export the setting of AD from this option.



15)  AD got installed.

Restart your syatem and loginn with domain\admin account

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Hope this helps :)


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